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Tooth and Claw

The dilapidated, rotting town of Sweetwater, teetering on the edge of the Great Australian Bight, has long been prey to more shark attacks than any other place on earth.


When Joanne and her troubled amputee lover Ben become stranded in Sweetwater out of season, they find themselves pursued, spied on and baited by the unhinged townsfolk.


Joanne’s sudden disappearance propels Ben on a desperate, violent journey through Sweetwater’s twisted streets to confront its psychotic inhabitants and eventually, his own tortured history.


A man now afraid of all things, Ben must eventually face everyone’s worst fear in the pitch-black predatory waters that lay siege to the town.

“Cinematic and action packed Dovey crafts a great story in Bad Code with some excellent ideas evoking Terminator, Westworld, Richard Stanley’s Hardware and many other classic Sci-Horror’s whilst giving the book a novel twist perfect for fans of horror and science fiction alike.”


“The Fallow Field grips tight and refuses to let go, winding down an unpredictable path of classical Hammer-esque sensbilities and existential mind games. Here we have an extremely strong debut.”


“An unsettling piece of character horror that gets under your skin. A very promising debut.”

ScifiNow Magazine


"This is rich, dark, scary, mind-bending fantasy that is as fascinating as it is disturbing."

MJ Simpson  


"While Bad Code is little more than creative, pulpy schlock, it’s schlock that makes for a fun time curled up with a book...Good times, man. Good times."


"Handsome, thrilling and strange."

John Landis


“Dovey has made a strong debut with The Fallow Field"   

Starburst Magazine


“If The Fallow Field is the future of British horror then I can’t wait to see what’s next.”


"Ambitious and packed with ideas...definitely worth checking out."

SFX Magazine



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